If you wish to move mountains tomorrow you must start by moving stones today.  

   ~African Proverb

​​This page highlights a few of my amazing current and former clients who are
blazing their unique path by engaging in
Coaching and Consulting servies with Cognition CC through
Non-Conventional and Experiential Learning methods!

What People Say About Working With Me...

   "This workshop was fun and informative!"
- Employee, Alliance Womens' Health
Team Building Event

 "Stacy's direct and compassionate coaching approach helped me explore and define my need for a more balanced life.  She coached me to consider stepping outside of my self-imposed boundaries, and with her help I created and engaged in a plan to live more authentically without compromising my values.  I highly recomment Stacy as a dymanic and supportive coach." 
-Mandy;  private coaching client

  "This program was informative and concise. The facts were good and the solutions helpful- some were very unique. " 
-employee, Keiter
Building Better Communication

 "Stacy is extremely professional, creative, and knowledgable.  I highly recommend her as a coach!" 

-Brandee; private coaching client

 "This program is valuable for helping high performers confidently remain with the firm. Every new/expecting parent should take this program."
-Employee, KPMG
Working Parents' Workshop & Executive Coaching

  "I've come so far and now realize I am stronger than I thought I was since beginning coaching with Stacy." 
-Anonymous; private coaching client

  "This event was a wonderful opportunity of learning and amazing to witness!" 
-Gale, DRHPC
Equine Factor Program

  "We need more resources like Stacy offers here at [the company]." 
-Anonymous, professional firm
Working Parents Executive Coaching Series

"The coaching sessions are working, I can see the changes happening; that is why I keep coming!"
-Anonymous, private coaching client