Intentional Leadership
Experiential Learning Workshops
"Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn."
​~Benjamin Franklin

These workshops provide a strong foundation when crafting intentional leaders within your organization.

​At Cognition CC we fuse together individual Coaching with targeted Skill Building to create impactful workshops with a personal touch.  This turns classroom learning into an Experience, which raises learning retention in participants.

When it comes to ROI, nothing beats Experiential Learning.....

Adult Learning Retention Statistics*
Lecture – 5%                                             Reading – 10%
Demonstration – 30%                            Group – 50%
Experiential – 75%
*source: Association of Talent Development

Core Workshops

Executive Coaching Workshop:
Balance ​ for Working Parents

The Goal:
Retain top talent during the challening phase of life where parenthood intersects with career development.

The Why:
Providing group coaching sessions to develop skills for life-balance will help to retain top talent by investing in your employees personally.

​​ Cultivating Conscious Choice
for Leadership ​ 

The Goal:
 Use coaching and skills building to empower participants to think critically and make effective choices.

The Why:
When individuals are able to make a choice in the face of uncertainty, they move forward and the energy shifts from a stand-still back to productivity.  This inspires leadership and creativity.

​​ Building Terrific Tribes:
Working Well with Others

The Goal:
Harness the power of a great team by encouraging individual thought and collaboration simultaneously.

The Why:
Teams with a strong foundation can weather most storms by working seemlessly to solve complex problems. 

Consider the Data...

If you are looking to retain your top talent and  develop employees then offering out-of-the-box learning opportunities is a great place to start! 

Harvard Business Review recently published
(Anne Bahr Thompson, Dec 2015), in which the author outlined the
"Me to We Continum"; explaining that what employees really want is a sense of connecting to them personally and skills to be a bigger/better person.