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The Formal Hello:

I am Stacy Wood, an executive coach and founder of Cognition Coaching and Consulting.  I can be described as a working mother who is passionate about my family, my clients, and finding balance in life. 

I am inspired by Nature and Science, which leads me to embrace "non-traditional" approaches as well as experiential-learning teachniques when working with clients ... which produces lasting results in an engaging manner.​​
The Real-Life "Hey":

I believe the perfect night includes watching the moon rise over a campfire while snuggled up to my kids, husband, dog, and a good glass of wine! 

I love to think outside of the box where I find that infinite curiosty leads to more discoveries.  I say what I feel, and I am not afraid to follow my own drumbeat.

​I am confident that one of my purposes in life is to help people live authentically by reconnecting them with Nature.  Life is a precious gift, and there is no gaurantee of tomorrow ... so be sure to live to the fullest today!
"Life is crazy, find your balance and enjoy the journey!"


The mental action or process of aquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experiences, and the senses. ​​