Cultivating engaged, happy, and productive
          corporate cultures.

What we do:

At Cognition CC we focus on Women's Leadership by facilitating programs to engage, develop, and retain
your employees.  Through our executive coaching, workshops, and retreats we create more diversity
and productivity in the workplace.

 Our Mission:
My mission is to help women like myself find joy, empowerment, and progression throughout their career, despite the many varied obstacles that they may face along the way.  My work is inspired and supported by studying science and Nature.

 The Process: 
I help clients become aware of self, science, and our natural instincts so that they are better equipped to embrace the power of conscious choice. 
The three dimensional process for my clients includes discovering insights about themselves and their options,  working to cultivate an intentional presence, and building connections with others through improved communication. 

My Personal 'Why':
Throughout my career I have been a top performer with a desire to be the best.  I have started a family, moved 3 times, changed roles, and taken smart risks for my career.  At times I have experienced stress, fatigue, burn-out, and even illness due to  prolonged stress, lack of balance, and a lack of intentional living.  
With the help of wonderful mentors/coaches, unique life experiences which garnered new levels of insight, and the willingness to learn new things I discovered the power of awareness, presence, and communication to navigate these paths and manage stress.  I found empowerment in making conscious choices towards success and my goals, and in the process found the path to make it all work for me.  

These are the insights that I want to share with the thousands of other women out there who are trying to do it all!  You don't have to give up, but you do have to plan and learn the skills needed to get where you want to go. 

"Life is crazy,
find your balance and enjoy the journey!"

Hello, Welcome, Nice to Meet You!

I am Stacy Wood, a certified personal coach and founder of Cognition Coaching and Consulting.  I can be described as a working mother who is passionate about my family, connecting with nature, making a difference for my clients,
and striking a balance in life.  ​​

I am inspired by Nature and Science, which leads me to embrace "non-traditional" approaches (such as coaching facilitated by horses) as well as experiential-learning teachniques when working with clients ... The outcome of that combination is lasting results from an engaging interaction.​​​​

The mental action or process of aquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experiences, and the senses.