Stacy Wood
Certified Life Coach
Cognition Coaching and Consulting, LLC
"Life is crazy,
find your balance and enjoy the journey!"

  1. Private Coaching
    Partnering with Stacy as your coach will help you to discover your personal truth, gain the confidence to pursue your truth, and accept the accountability to life your truth.
  2. Consulting & Speaking
    Your ability to be self-aware and communicate effectively greatly impacts your interactions and relationships with others.
  3. For Moms Only
    To be a mom means a higher level of responsibility, a deeper level of fear and guilt, an amazing amount of strength, and a more intense need for time-management!


The mental action or process of aquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experiences, and the senses.

Why Cognition Coaching:

Witness the power of self-awareness, energy, and the Equine Factor, as demonstrated by Stacy.

We live in a busy world with many external demands.  It has become harder and harder to connect with your essential life and create a sense of balance in life. 

I provide personal coaching and professional
consulting in a variety of packages all designed to help you connect to what matters in life through a deeper level of awareness, which will afford you the opportunity to create balance and achieve your goals in a
way that you have never before realized.
  1. "Stacy is extremely creative, professional and knowledgeable." -Fiona
    "Good information on how to stay grounded and balanced in order to improve communication and interactions." - Vince
  2. "Stacy's direct and compassionate coaching approach helped me explore and define my need for more balance in my life.
    She coached me to step outside my self-imposed boundaries and with her help, I began to live my personal truth more authentically, without compromising my values." - Mandy
  3. "We need more resources that Stacy offers here at [the company]." - Mark
    "Stacy is kind, compassionate and super supportive. I feel like she really cares about helping me make the changes I need in my life." -Brande