Discovering Insights ~ Cultivating Presence ~  Building Connections

What we do:
Cognition CC offers personal coaching in addition to workshops and retreats which are a blend of
skills training supported by coaching.
But more than a company... it's a movement to support individuals and companies with crafting a purposeful, intentional, and balanced path by living and leading with authentic intention. 


Our Mission:
I strive to engage people in the process of Conscious Choice in order to live Intentionally, both in their professional and personal lives. My work is driven and inspired by studying science and Nature.

Our Process: 
I help clients become aware of self, science, and our natural instincts so that they are better equipped to embrace the power of conscious choice. 
The three dimensional process for my clients includes discovering insights about themselves and their options,  working to cultivate an intentional presence, and supporting their plans through authentic connections in order to move forward down their unique path. 

My Personal 'Why':
I have witnessed many loved ones experience burn-out, fatigue, and illness all due to stress, lack of balance, and a lack of intentional living.  I set out on a path to avoid this for myself years ago and along the way I fell in love with the sometimes challenging processes.  I love sharing the powerful tool of Conscious Choice with others, and coaching them through the building blocks which build strength along the way to their individual success. 
"Life is crazy,
find your balance and enjoy the journey!"

Hello, Welcome, Nice to Meet You!

I am Stacy Wood, an executive coach and founder of Cognition Coaching and Consulting.  I can be described as a working mother who is passionate about my family, my clients, and striking a balance in life. 

I am inspired by Nature and Science, which leads me to embrace "non-traditional" approaches as well as experiential-learning teachniques when working with clients ... The outcome of that combination is lasting results from an engaging interaction.​​​​

I am confident that one of my purposes in life is to help people live authentically and intentionally by reconnecting them with Nature.  Life is a precious gift, and there is no gaurantee of tomorrow ... so be sure to live to the fullest today!
Our foundation:

Our goal is to take clients out of the mundane through our workshops and retreats to support them in the process of Intentional Living for Natural Leadership.

Do you have the ENERGY to lead yourself and others to a place of success?
​We focus on evoking ~Cognition~ in our clients to encourage them on their journey. 
Leading by nature includes 6 key skills:
*Awareness of self
*Choices with intention
*Balance for life
​*Trust in your intuition
*Connect with others
​*Culture of tribe

Please see our "Learning Paths" page to learn more about our programs.
The mental action or process of aquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experiences, and the senses.